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Тайский спа Минск

Spa program “STOP PUFFINESS”

from 365 BYN
Spa salon Minsk

Duration: 2h

Peculiarity: New! The purpose of the program is to relax as much as possible, relieve tension and clamps, effectively get rid of puffiness, and also give your skin a fresh and toned look. The spa program is your “helper”before important events when you intend to look your best. Puffiness, stop! Lightness, go!

Performed: on the couch

2 hour program includes steaming, full body peeling with Cannabis scrub, Thai/Balinese ritual with Cannabis oil.

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The anti-edematous effect is achieved by the high content of caffeine in the composition of the scrub and oil of the Cannabis series of Thai cosmetics Thai Traditions. Acting on the skin, the active ingredient removes excess fluid from the body, restores water-salt metabolism and accelerates metabolic processes in cells. Salt body scrub with fine sea salt, honey and tea tree leaves perfectly and delicately “polishes” the skin, while removing toxins and preparing the skin for the main ritual. And natural hemp seed oil is responsible for intense hydration, strengthening the skin barrier and softening the skin. The aroma of cosmetics deserves special attention: fresh, herbal, very pleasant!Нет информации...

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Graduate master
2 hour
365.00 BYN

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