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Please check before visiting the spa

Despite the wide range of indications for Thai spa rituals, versatility, worked out for centuries, nevertheless, as for many other forms of physical influence on the body, there are contraindications to Thai spa procedures.

Contraindications (given in generalized form):

  • pregnancy
  • recent surgeries, injuries, fractures, dislocations; oncological diseases
  • diseases of the blood, blood vessels; pronounced varicose veins
  • acute renal and cardiovascular failure
  • osteoporosis, diseases of the spine and back diseases requiring treatment under the supervision of a physician; renal and hepatic impairment
  • the presence of prostheses (for example, a hip or knee joint)
  • feverish conditions, high body temperature, acute inflammation
  • various diseases of the skin, nails, scalp, infectious fungal and unexplained etiology, various skin rashes; eczema, psoriasis, shingles
  • diseases of the abdominal organs with a tendency to bleeding; gastrointestinal diseases in the acute stage
  • allergic conditions accompanied by skin manifestations (rash, swelling, itching, peeling)
  • with a hernia of the spine; the presence on the body of areas affected by fungal, viral and bacterial pathogens
  • alcoholic intoxication

Additional contraindications for algal wrap:

  • iodine allergy, thyroid disease
  • feverish conditions, thyrotoxicosis
  • severe treatment of diabetes mellitus and hypertension
  • phlebeurysm; trophic ulcers; the presence of a rash or abrasions on the skin
  • it is not recommended to carry out the wrapping procedure immediately after epilation

Please note that the spa is not a medical institution and is not of a medical nature. If you have a chronic or acute medical condition not included in this list, please consult with your doctor about the possibility of a spa session. We also kindly ask you to inform the administrator about your illnesses, ailments, and poor health.