• Activates the splitting of fats, reduces the volume of fat deposits, reduces the appearance of cellulite;
  • Reduces the subcutaneous fat layer and cholesterol level due to interaction with substances of the wrapping complex;
  • Increased skin elasticity;
  • Normalization of the metabolic process;
  • It removes toxins from the body, toxins, excess salts;





Stages of the program:

• Dispensing (IR / Cedar Sauna/ Milk Bath) - 30 minutes;

• Scrubbing the body (sea salt + "kelp" oil) - 30 minutes;

• Wrapping the body using micronized algae (dry mask) or - seaweed (algae "kelp"). During the wrap, face care: mask "kelp" + massage). - 30 minutes;;

• Aroma ritual using laminaria oil - 60 minutes.

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Premium Standart
Duration Weekdays Weekends
Graduate Master
with dry seaweed 300 BYN 330 BYN
with live seaweed 370 BYN 407 BYN
with dry seaweed 330 BYN 363 BYN
with live seaweed 407 BYN 448 BYN
with dry seaweed 360 BYN 396 BYN
with live seaweed 444 BYN 489BYN


Duration Weekdays Weekends
Graduate Master
with dry seaweed 189 BYN 208 BYN
with dry seaweed 208 BYN 229 BYN

We recommend to try


Infrared sauna is a special natural wood cabin where your body is warmed by infrared ceramic heaters providing soft healthy warmth. The level of infrared temperature is almost similar to human body temperature. It is comfortable and spare that’s why infrared sauna perfectly suits to people who are contraindicated to standard sauna.

During the session body extensively sweats and all negative elements leave the body with sweat. While being inside infrared sauna your skin is not dehydrated and get dry. It is recommended to have minimum 2 sessions of infrared sauna a week for getting positive therapeutic effect.


Stages of the program:

• Steam for choice (IR-sauna, cedar barrel, milk bath) - 30 minutes;

• Scrubbing the body using the Lemongrass Salt Scrub - 30 minutes;

• Thai aroma ritual using Lemongrass oil - 1 hour.


Cedar sauna is a health and relaxing session in a natural mini cedar tub sauna. During this ritual you sink into cedar tub up to head. The cabin is filled with saturated herbal aroma steam which provides complex therapeutic effect and deep relaxation of your body.

This affects nervous, circulatory and respiratory systems, removes swelling, restores damaged tissues and suppresses the development of harmful microorganisms. Cedar Sauna ritual is recommended as a procedure for general strengthening of immunity and relaxation as well as weight loss program.


Stages of the program:

• Milk bath "My Love" with the fragrance of white lotus and vanilla - 30 minutes;

• Coffee scrub for the body "Cappuccino" - 30 minutes;

• Thai aroma ritual with chocolate cream - 60 minutes;

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